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Women’s Rehab Program for Addiction

pamsRehab Centers for Women

The needs of a woman suffering from addiction vary greatly from a man. That is why at the National Alcohol and Drug Dependency Resource Center we offer solutions for women and their special needs. The treatments and plans we recommend for women use a combination method of comprehensive rehabilitation and addiction therapies — proven effective in women suffering from addiction.

Addiction has been shown to devastate the female body more than the male body. For the best chance at recovery women need special rehabilitation and treatment therapies that address the unique psychological and physiological aspects of the female body. By addressing the challenges women face, these treatments can effectively help women remain drug and alcohol free.

Women do not need a specific program, but they need a treatment facility that understands their unique needs. Gender-specific therapies offer specialized treatment and have a lower risk of relapse than traditional or generalized therapy methods.

Finding the Right Treatment Program

When you contact the National Alcohol and Drug Dependency Resource Center, we take all factors into account when we recommend a course of action. Whether you’re calling about yourself or a loved one, we will base our recommendations on:

  • Age
  • Medical history
  • Psychological and behavior history
  • Underlying conditions or disorders
  • The severity of the addiction
  • Length of time the patient has been suffering from the addiction

Once we understand the full scope of the addiction we can recommend outpatient, inpatient or specialty care facilities in your area that address those needs.

Why a Gender-Specific Treatment?

Gender-specific treatments were traditionally used for eating disorders, but soon professionals realized that these specialized, more focused treatments could also be used for dependency. By enrolling yourself or your loved one in a gender-specific treatment that targets female addiction you can enjoy benefits that include, but are not limited to:

  • A safe, comfortable environment that allows women to discuss sensitive issues and open up more about personal problems.
  • A staff that has a unique understanding of the issues women typically face and how those issues impact recovery, such as self-esteem, abuse, trauma, parenting and public image.
  • Higher success rate than general rehabilitation.
  • A structured, strong support network with women who struggle with similar addictions, internal struggles, etc.
  • An opportunity to focus on rehabilitation without any distraction.
  • Role models who are strong and dependent, including therapists, staff and counselors.

There are a number of programs in your area that offer gender-specific addiction therapies. Instead of trying to find which one is right for you, trust in our experts. We can help identify the right treatment program and professional based on your needs. And if you have any questions, our extensive resource database has the answers.

The easiest way to find the right recovery program is to contact our no obligation line at 800-517-2241 today. We can help you or your loved one find a program that makes everyone feel safe, welcome and ready to recover. Contact us today.