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How Much Does it Cost to Get Help For Alcohol and Drug Treatment

How Much Does it Cost to Get Help For Alcohol and Drug Treatment

How much does it cost to get help for addiction treatment?

Addiction affects millions of people every day. Many continue to abuse day in and day out until they hit a point where they no longer want to live that way of life. Then they start searching for drug and alcohol rehab facilities and detoxification programs that can help. With so many different options for treatment and calling each program only to find out that their $30,000 for 30 days and left feeling defeated because they spent their last dime on drugs the night before. Drug addiction rehab can be very expensive without insurance and can start from $4500 up to $64,000 just for 30 days of treatment. Insurance is key to saving you financially for drug rehab and detoxification. But there are resources for those with limited resources to still be able to receive help.

Using Insurance to find Treatment?

Depending on your insurance benefits can determine the level of care you will be able to receive. Drug and alcohol rehab facilities will review your policies and help determine if you are able to admit into their program. But what happens, if you are unable. You could try calling your insurance company, but they have a large database and will recommend the closest one to you without knowing the facility’s overall ratings. You could spend two days just calling different programs online until someone says your insurance works. Or you can contact the National Alcohol and Drug Dependency Resource Center where they will be able to verify your benefits and locate the top addiction rehab programs that are clinically appropriate and within your means for cost. We provide a streamline to the top programs and where you are able to use insurance to offset some of the cost to receive great treatment. Using insurance depends on your deductible, in-network vs out-of-network, and out of pocket. Having insurance can save you thousands of dollars in treatment cost and provide you the highest level of care for you or your loved ones.

State Insurance such as Medicare or Medicaid to Pay for Rehab

If, you have no insurance or low income, you may want to contact your local city offices to learn about applying for Medicaid or Medicare. These policies can take some time to be approved anywhere from a month to two depending on your county. State insurance can help offset the medical expenses for detoxification facilities, residential treatment, and out-patient services. Once you are approved, you will be able to enter into any state program that can still meet the clinical needs to assisting you on the path of recovery. Medicaid and Medicare can both cover the expenses for detox and treatment along with extended care.

No Resources for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

If you have no resources, however, there are still several free organizations that have been helping thousands a day start on the path of recovery and not having insurance should not deter you from trying. Many private facilities in your area can help recommend local programs so you are able to find a free rehab facility that can still help you.

The National Alcohol and Drug Dependency Resource Center believes that everyone deserves a chance in recovery and if you are using private healthcare insurance, state insurance, or simply looking for free treatment there should be an easy way in finding these programs. With our free service, we can connect you with the best choice to meet any needs on your chance for success in treatment. To learn more about what program will meet your financial budget contact 800-517-2241 to speak with one of our addiction advisors.

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