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Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription-Drug-Addiction-TreatmentPrescription Drug Rehab

Prescription drug addictions are ones that can start anywhere and without a person even knowing what is happening. This is because most prescription drug addictions start from the legal, medically-required use of a prescription. Breaking from this habit is difficult, especially since the original need for the drug was legitimate. Eventually, a person’s body and mind begin to change in composition, which requires more and more use of the prescription drug. The only way to successfully break free from this addiction is prescription drug rehab.

The Abuse of Prescription Drugs

According to recent statistics, prescription drug abuse is now listed as the fastest growing drug abuse problem in the United States. Currently the three types of commonly abused drugs include central nervous system stimulants, opioids, and central nervous system depressants. These drugs are available and inexpensive, which makes them popular for drug abuse.

Most prescription drug abusers don’t think they have a problem – especially when they have a prescription. They can rationalize their usage of the drug and even use their physician as an excuse for their abuse.

But prescription users are not the only ones abusing prescription drugs. It has been shown that relatives of these individuals also abuse them. Since they can steal or use parents’, family members’ or friends’ prescriptions with ease.

Selecting a Prescription Drug Rehab Center

Prescription drug rehab isn’t much different from regular drug rehab, but it is important all the same. If you or a loved one needs prescription drug rehab, you should look for a program that offers comprehensive treatments and individualized programs tailored to the needs of the patient. A treatment center that uses a one-size-fits-all approach should be avoided. Too many prescription drug rehab centers address only the physical hold drugs have on the body but they ignore the mental hold entirely. This can not only cause the patient to abuse drugs further, but can lead to dangerous overdoses or even death down the road.

A quality prescription drug rehab program will address the physical, mental and psychological addiction factors. After a detailed detoxification process, these programs can help a patient understand why he or she abuses prescription drugs and how to avoid them in the future. In addition, a quality center will offer after care, which can include group therapy or one-on-one therapy sessions to help the patient remain drug free after rehab is over.

At the National Alcohol and Drug Dependency Resource Center we understand the importance of a quality prescription drug rehab program. That is why we offer a reputable database of prescription drug rehab programs. Our database is routinely reviewed and we only carry programs that have measurable results and positive feedback.

Contact the National Alcohol and Drug Dependency Resource Center toll-free by dialing 1-800-517-2241 now. Our hotline can help you find a treatment center in your area that specializes in prescription drug rehab so you or a loved one can go on living a drug-free life.