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Crystal Methamphetamines Treatment

Crystal-MethCrystal Methamphetamines Treatment

Crystal methamphetamines are highly addictive and difficult to break from. In fact, meth can change a person’s mentality to only feel well when they’re high. Meth is known for also decreasing a user’s appetite, which is why most heavy users are underweight and malnourished by the time they seek out treatment. Over time crystal meth can impact a person’s blood pressure and even permanently damage their blood vessels – and the results can be devastating.

It is imperative that a crystal meth user seek out crystal methamphetamine treatment immediately. Treatment can be done in a variety of ways from detoxification to inpatient care to outpatient rehab facilities. The purpose of treatment, however, is all the same: to help the patient learn to cope and live without crystal meth.

Crystal Methamphetamine Treatment Process

Crystal methamphetamine treatment first starts with detoxification. This is crucial for recovery. Since the body adjusts to functioning on the drug, detoxification helps reverse this physical dependency and remove any excess crystal meth from the body. Once the person is physically prepared for recovery, the mental recovery process is much easier. When a patient is addicted to crystal meth only, this process is relatively quick. Patients who use crystal meth in combination with other drugs may find themselves undergoing the process a little longer. The withdrawal symptoms, however, tend to be mild in comparison to other drug detoxifications, but the process should still be done under supervision of a medical professional.

Mental Health and Crystal Methamphetamine Treatment

When people use or abuse crystal meth, their brain releases excess dopamine, which is what makes the user feel good. Unfortunately frequent exposure to this can make the brain shutdown the dopamine process, which means in order to remain feeling good, the patient needs to continue to use crystal meth. Dopamine is the brain’s natural pleasure-producer. The person will feel good as long as dopamine is being released into the bloodstream. Once this is damaged, the person can feel sad or even suicidal. A crystal methamphetamine treatment program can anticipate this and help the patient overcome any potential depression issues before they set in.

While not all crystal methamphetamine treatment patients’ needs anti-depressants, research has shown they can help patients overcome cravings and temptations. In addition these anti-depressants can help the patient rebuild their dopamine receptors so that they can start to feel good naturally.

In addition to medical mental health treatments patients must also receive mental therapy treatments. These allow the patient to:

  • Identify their cravings and learn to overcome them
  • Predict what makes their cravings strike so they can avoid them in the future
  • Avoid potential temptation – including places and individuals who can increase temptation
  • Implement strategies to overpower cravings and temptations

If you’re looking for a crystal methamphetamine treatment program near you, contact the National Alcohol and Drug Dependency Resource Center. We have a comprehensive list of crystal methamphetamine treatments in your area that can help you or a loved one kick the addiction and get started on a drug-free life. Contact us today by dialing 1-800-517-2241.