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Crystal Methamphetamine Addiction

Crystal Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine in its crystalline form is known as crystal meth or crystal methamphetamine. It is a very highly addictive drug which has many other street names like ice, tina, crank or glass. Crystal methamphetamine is usually smoked in glass pipes like crack cocaine, though it is also snorted, swallowed or even injected.

Methamphetamine is very attractive to drug users because it has a very attractive high. Users report that this drug gives them a sudden rush of pleasure and a prolonged sense of euphoria as well as making them have increased energy and increasing their focus, confidence and sexual prowess. However the users need to have more and more of the drug to reach the same high and maintain it. The drug releases high levels of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter which is involved with motivation and the experience of pleasure and motor functions. Methamphetamine releases about twelve times the amount of dopamine that food, sex or other pleasurable activities release. Which is why this drug is so addictive, but with repeated use this drug exacts a toll on both the mind as well as the body of the user. It robs the users of their physical health, their cognitive abilities, their libido and their looks as well as their ability to experience pleasure.

Symptoms and effects of crystal methamphetamine addiction

Crystal methamphetamine abuse has many symptoms that include increased attention and decreased fatigue. It also causes increased activity and wakefulness and makes the abuser talkative and fascinated with repetitive tasks while decreasing their appetite. Abusers experience increased respiration and rapid or irregular heartbeat, they also experience rise in body temperature. Other symptoms of methamphetamine abuse are agitation, irritability, confusion and violence. It can also cause nausea and diarrhea and increased blood pressure.

The effects of crystal methamphetamine abuse

Long term crystal methamphetamine abuse damages both the mind as well as the body. The drug has an impact on the brain causing damage to the brain cells, which cause an impact on the brain functions. This can cause memory loss and seizures. Psychologically this drug causes psychosis and paranoia; it also causes aggressive behavior, mood instability, delusion and hallucinations. It can also cause the abuser to have suicidal thoughts and cause schizophrenia.

Physically abusers of this drug experience effects on their skin, which causes skin abscesses that, get infected due to the weakened immune system. Some of the abusers are covered in sores due to skin picking caused by hallucinations of having bugs under the skin. This drug can also lead to blindness and respiratory failure, kidney failure and internal bleeding. It also causes the bones to get brittle and malnutrition due to lack of eating. The abusers also suffer from extreme tooth decay, which is caused by the toxic chemicals in the drug and the fact that this drug causes the user to have a dry mouth with very little saliva to neutralize the mouth’s acids. The behavior of the drug abusers of wanting sugary foods and drinks along with grinding of their teeth and neglect of their teeth speeds up the decay of their teeth.

Crystal methamphetamine is a very addictive drug and it needs a lot of rehabilitation, medication as well as psychological treatment to help the drug abuser overcome his addiction.

If you are in need of seeking treatment for crystal meth, please contact 800-517-2241 to speak to one of our representatives to get help immediately.